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Ron Wilkinson
 BS Aerospace Engineering, Auburn University
 Industry experience includes:
    Pratt & Whitney Gas Turbines
    TCM Reciprocating, Gas Turbine and Rotary Engines
    Kelly Aerospace Accessories
 FAA DER Powerplants and Engines
 Directed design and development of liquid cooled Voyager
 Directed design and development of liquid cooled 175 BHP
    engine with onpurpose new design 20:1 Pr series turbo
    system for high altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft
 Project engineer for application of naturally aspirated and
    turbocharged engines
 Seven patents for engine technology
 Author of SAE and ASTM technical papers
 Chair of industry technology development group
 Positions held include VP Engineering, Director of Business
    Development, Senior Project Engineer and Senior Design

Bob Minnis
 Attended University of South Alabama - Engineering
 Industry experience includes:
    Lockheed Aircraft - Structures Engineering
    General Dynamic - Design Engineer
    TCM Reciprocating and Gas Turbine Engines
    Consolidated Fuel Systems
    Atlantic Aero (DAS) - Director of Engine Installations
 FAA DER Powerplants and Engines
 FAA DAR - Manufacturing
 Commercial Pilot - Single and Multiengine - Instrument - Flight
 Project engineer for application of turbocharged GA engine     installations
 Positions held include VP Engineering, VP Marketing/Business
    Development, VP QA Military, VP General Manager of TCM
    Abbeville, General Manager of TCM FBO, Director of Engine
    Installations, Senior Project Engineer, Senior Design Engineer,
    Design Engineer

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